Catina Provides Unprecedented Levels of Collaboration

By Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents

April 3, 2024

Construction sites are busy places that can quickly become chaos without proper controls and communications channels. Collaboration between key team members is a must, as having everyone on the same page helps the project flow smoothly and sets the stage for a successful build process. Most parties understand collaboration is one of the keys to success, but in too many cases, obstacles stand in their way. Instead of asking or double-checking, assumptions are made, and this is where the real challenges begin. When assumptions instead of facts rule the day, it can often send a project down a dangerous road that includes missed deadlines, frayed relationships, and lost profits.

Collaboration on a construction site is one of the critical elements to success, but it’s often overlooked. Too many times, team members focus on their tasks instead of the big picture. This thinking can be attributed to the fact that on many sites, team members don’t see the same thing when it comes to progress, milestones, and other essentials that keep a project on the road to completion.

Enter Catina

Catina, AIA Contract Documents next generation software platform makes collaboration easy. With Catina, there’s no more guesswork, as collaboration is at the heart of this new solution. Through the enhanced Project Hub feature, team members can log in and receive valuable insights on the project. Users can get a big-picture perspective or a more granular view of their responsibilities. Regardless of the view they choose, the increased level of collaboration adds immediate value to any project, no matter the scale or scope. Through Catina, users will also see:

  • Increased ownership of duties and accountability: Team members will be more accountable when using Catina, as they’ll be more informed about the relative expectations regarding the project. This heightened sense of accountability will ultimately lead to promising results.
  • Increased efficiency: When workers know what’s expected of them, they become more efficient. With the Project Hub feature found in Catina, the guesswork and assumptions are things of the past. This sense of renewed direction allows workers to focus on their respective tasks, helps the project run smoother, and ultimately, increases site efficiency.
  • Safety: A lot of times, accidents happen on construction sites because workers are confused, unsure of expectations, or distracted. All of these challenges go by the wayside with Catina. The solution provides clarity for each role and an extra measure of safety for the entire environment.


Collaboration is a critical part of any construction site. Without it, things can quickly go awry, putting the entire project behind schedule and in jeopardy of receiving less than the best efforts across the board. With it, the stage is set for success, and a foundation for future opportunities arrives. Creating an environment where every team member is informed, empowered, and understands expectations sets the stage for success, and with Catina, AIA Contract Documents next-generation software platform, that all-important construction site goal becomes a reality.

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