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Minimizing Risk When Including BIM in Your Construction Contracts: Part 2

In this video, presenters describe the spectrum of uses for BIM on your projects and how the spectrum of uses can be accounted for in design and construction contracts. The panelists examine the concerns relative to each use type and will share their practical experience when BIM reliance is elevated, such as when:

• it is shared with parties outside their contractual privity

• used by Contractors to develop shop drawings and other Contractor responsibilities

• it might be enumerated as a Contract Document in the Owner/Contractor Agreement

Presenters explore how contractual language can be used to minimize risk when BIM reliance will be elevated. Viewers will gain an understanding as to how a good BIM Execution Plan and Model Element Table can set expectations and manage risk in these situations. Lastly, the owner’s perspective will be discussed, including how involved an owner might be in contractual negotiations and what terms will be important to owners.