What Is a Program Management Plan in Design and Construction?

By AIA Contract Documents

July 31, 2023

You may want to build multiple structures across several locations at one time or at certain times over several years. Regardless of when the structures are built, you may have specific goals or elements of design and construction that will be common across all projects. A program management plan can help you. A program management plan is developed by a program manager and outlines the approach, strategy, guidelines, and controls for managing a program of related projects. Below are some of the key program elements commonly found in a program management plan.

  1. Management includes the overall management approach for the program, a staffing plan outlining the organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities of team members such as the program manager, project managers, and other key participants involved in the program.
  2. Planning includes the strategy to define project scopes, schedules, quality standards, and budgets for each project;
  3. Procurement includes the strategy to procure design services, construction services, materials, systems, and equipment as well as any goals to procure services and goods from companies who qualify as a governmentally recognized special business class;
  4. Authorization processes and procedures include the approach toward how decisions will be made, escalated, and approved (e.g., the administrative approvals and required documentation for all project phases);
  5. Communication procedures include details about how communication will be facilitated among team members (e.g., systems, meetings, reports, notices, records, and digital data transmission requirements);
  6. Design process guidelines include the design consultant’s deliverable requirements and coordination requirements to ensure design consistency across all projects;
  7. Construction process guidelines include construction administration procedures, claim and dispute management, and commissioning requirements; and
  8. Project acceptance process guidelines include contract closeout and occupancy requirements.

 The program management plan is a great tool to ensure that each project in the program is successfully completed and aligns with the program’s objectives.

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