Marika Snider, Ph.D., AIA is the principal architect for a small firm doing primarily design-build and historic preservation / adaptive reuse in Central Ohio and the Mid-South. Her projects involve a variety of small and medium-sized project types such as historic houses, laboratories, Montessori schools, and restaurants. Previously, she was a project architect designing museum-quality restorations on (Ohio) state-owned historic sites. Projects include well-known sites like the houses of President Warren G Harding and Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hopewell, and Fort Ancient indigenous sites, as well as historically sensitive maintenance projects on lesser-known sites.

Marika teaches comprehensive studios and architecture history at the University of Memphis and is currently serving as the Architectural Licensing Advisor, NOMAS faculty advisor, and Interim Director of Interior Architecture. Her research focuses on the intersection of architecture history and virtual reality, especially in support of African and African American spaces.

Marika is licensed in Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee, and Utah and is a member of the AIA Tennessee Board.