Steven C. Glass, AIA, LEED AP, is the Director of Architectural Operations/Risk Management for Moody Nolan, Inc. Steve has an extensive and diversified background with experience in all phases of the architectural process, from programming to construction administration. He has overseen a wide range of projects, from multimillion dollar facilities to detail-sensitive renovations. With this experience as his background, Steve is now responsible for working with the firm’s project managers on scope of work, contract negotiations and risk management – all with a focus on loss prevention. With more than 40 years of experience in the architectural field, one of Steve’s core strengths is his ability to see potential risks which projects present to the firm and to strategically plan to protect the business through risk management guidance.

During his 35 year tenure at Moody Nolan, the firm has grown to more than 200 employees with twelve office locations. Steve’s primary role for the past 20 years has been focused on the business side of the profession, including contractual negotiations and monitoring risk management. Over these past 20 years, Steve has meshed previous project management skills with acquired business practices. He is responsible for contract negotiations corporate-wide.

In addition to controlling risk management firm-wide, Steve works with staff training emphasizing controlling risk. Under Steve’s guidance, Moody Nolan is better positioned in contract negotiations, both prime and consultant, and focused on managing risks professionally and company-wide, a unique expertise to both Moody Nolan and the profession. As an example, architects typically have minimal business training or experience. With his background and knowledge of architecture united with business makes for a rare combination. Steve served on The Board of Directors from 2010-2016 for DPRCG which is the large firms within Design Professional Group of XL Insurance as the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee.