AIA Contract Documents Provide DAO Architecture with Versatility and Flexibility

About DAO Architecture

DAO Architecture was established in Westminster, Colorado in 2009. They pride themselves on accommodating the needs of their clients and building long-term relationships. Their continued growth is an indicator of just how much clients appreciates this approach.

“Our success is a derivative of the relationship we’ve established with AIA Contract Documents.”


DAO Architecture founder Dan Orecchio began his professional journey over two decades ago. He built a professional network that graciously offered valuable nuggets as he progressed through his career. Mr. Orecchio honed his craft to be the best for himself and his customers. He studied trends and stayed abreast of all the latest, integrating them as needed. So, when the time came to make the leap and start his own firm, Mr. Orecchio took all those things with him, along with an appreciation for versatility and flexibility.

Being The Boss

For an entrepreneur, regardless of the stage of their business, the only certainty can be uncertainty. Before stepping out on his own in 2009, Orecchio knew this all too well and understood the risk he was taking. As he waded into a sea filled with foreseen and unforeseen challenges, Mr. Orecchio knew he had one sure thing he could count on — AIA Contract Documents.

“From the day I walked into the industry, I had used nothing but contracts from ACD. I liked the flexibility I always found with the documents. For example, I’ve worked with the same client on multiple opportunities. Instead of having to go back and create a new contract each time, we’ve been able to build a profile, review what was used in the past, and go from there. There are tweaks here and there, but not the wholesale changes we might otherwise face. That’s important because those challenges can often translate into costly delays,” says Orecchio.

Customers sometimes approach DAO Architecture with an opportunity without a full scope. No worries though, as Orecchio and his team call upon one of their most trusted ACD resources. “In instances where a customer isn’t quite sure where they want their project to look like, we’ll use B102,” says Orecchio. AIA Document B102 is the Standard Form of Agreement between an Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Services. This document is a favorite for projects that are moving forward but, in some ways, are still being conceived. “With this document, we’re able to walk with the customer, understand their needs, and give them exactly what they’re looking for,” states Orecchio.

“We trust contracts from AIA Contract Documents. They’re well-written, tried, and true!”

Documents That Connect

In some cases, more than one document is involved in a project. An addendum here, an amendment there, multiple rounds of revisions, and before you know it, you’ve quickly lost track. That’s not the case with contracts from ACD. “They’re versatile, and how the documents connect makes a tremendous difference. If something changes, there’s no guesswork, and responsibilities are explicitly outlined,” comments Orecchio. 

“We’ve never had the terms and conditions questioned because they’re all well-established in the document.”

They’re Easy To Understand

Before a project commences, parties typically take the contract to their legal teams for a final review. It’s the last piece of due diligence before the real work begins, and Orecchio is never concerned. “Lawyers love AIA contracts because they’re simple and fair. They’re also balanced, making negotiations easier,” shares Orecchio.

For more than 100 years, ACD has been the most trusted provider of the construction contracts industry. The documents have withstood the test of time, showing unmatched durability and functionality. “Unforeseen situations arise during nearly every project. It’s part of the industry we work in. It’s comforting to know that ACD has seen or considered them all, and the contracts contain language that adequately addresses each one,” shares Orecchio.

“Lawyers relax when they see an AIA contract is being used.”

A Trusted Resource

In 2009 when Dan Orecchio answered the call of entrepreneurship, he knew there would be challenges, and to answer them, he took a lot of things with him. From relationships to lessons learned, skills he honed along the way, and the discipline and vision he’d need to guide his firm.

He also took his relationship with ACD, a leader in the construction contract industry, for more than 100 years. He’s comforted by the flexibility and versatility he consistently sees in the documents that remain unmatched. As DAO Architecture looks to the future, he’s also comforted to know the same trusted resource that was there when he began remains committed to his vision moving forward.