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"As our firm continues to grow, so does our relationship with AIA Contracts." - Anthony Akindele, Principal & President, Nia Architects.

Purpose-driven with a diverse portfolio of projects, Nia Architects is one of Chicago’s premier architectural firms. Creativity and ingenuity are the staples of their brand, and their indelible design signature is written all over the vibrant landscape of the Windy City!

Real Projects.

Real projects begin with the industry standard. This map highlights a few successes, but customers from one coast to the other and all points in between have come to trust AIA Contract Documents.

Dodger Stadium

Space Needle

Louis Armstrong Airport

Dallas Cownboys Stadium

Catasauqua Municipal Complex

Western Dining Commons

Miami University - Western Dining Commons

Before they broke ground, CBT Architects used AIA contracts to design and construct Western Dining Commons, a hub for Miami University students to gather, dine and socialize.

AIA Contract Documents Used: C401 Architect/Consultant Agreement.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Spyder Construction wanted to pursue larger clients, so they partnered with AIA Contract Documents.

 Scharly Designer Studio built an impressive portfolio using AIA Contract Documents.

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AIA Contract Documents helped Bluestone Construction become a true market leader. 

Construction can be hard. Find out how AIA Contract Documents make it easy for Kautter & Kelly.

"I always feel protected when I use AIA Contract Documents. They’re strong and give me the peace of mind I need to do my best work."

Lionel Scharly​, Principal and Founder, Scharly Designer Studio ​