5 important updates to our residential contracts and condo guide.

Fall 2020 release

We just updated two key residential documents and the popular condominium projects guide.  Here are the five most important changes you should know about:

B107–2020, Standard Form of Agreement Between Developer-Builder and Architect for Prototype(s) for a One or Two Family Residential Project with Limited Architectural Services

1. Customers now have the ability to customize protocols and limitations to the developer-builder’s right to reuse the architect’s instruments of service on subsequent residences.

2. Incorporates updated language from the B101™-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect which was specifically designed to allow a developer-builder to hire an architect to design prototype houses, the design of which can be repeatedly used by the developer-builder.

B109™-2020, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Multi-Family Residential or Mixed Use Residential Project

3. Includes new limitation of liability, which allows the parties to cap the architect’s liability at an agreed-upon amount.

4. The addition of supplemental services enhances contracting predictability by allowing the parties to more clearly delineate the architect’s role during various stages of the development of the project.

Condominium Projects Guide

5. Provides updated discussions of, and model language pertaining to, the homeowners association, the individual unit owners, by-laws, and purchase agreements with respect to the B109-2020 updates.

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Additional fall 2020 document updates: