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Our pay applications have been used in $1 trillion worth in construction projects. With that amount, you could purchase every MLB, NFL, and NBA team three times, with enough change to send every person in California and Utah on a seven-day roundtrip to Disneyland.

AIA Contract Documents are used in over $1 trillion worth of construction projects. That's enough to purchase every MLB, NBA and NFL franchise times over, with still enough money to the entire population in California and Utah on a seven-day roundtrip to Disneyland.

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The Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and the Seattle’s Space Needle have all used an AIA contract.

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When we created our very first contract document in 1888 there were only 38 states. Since that time, our nation has grown to 50 states, and we proudly serve each one of them.

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