B511-2022, Guide for Projects involving a Design Architect and Architect of Record

This guide is written as a companion to the following AIA Contract Documents:

B111™-2022, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design Architect

B111™-2022, Exhibit A, Design Architect Services

B112™-2022, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect of Record

B112™-2022, Exhibit A, Architect of Record Services

E205™-2022, Architects’ Scope and Responsibility Matrix

This guide is intended to examine relationships and issues that occur when two architects provide professional services on a project.

This guide specifically focuses on scenarios where a Design Architect works alongside, or in tandem with, an Architect of Record and discusses some of the risks that the architects may face in such scenarios.

While this guide is a primer on common issues and risks associated with dual-architect projects, it is not an exhaustive list of all aspects, issues, and risks. This guide also provides instructions and commentary about the above-referenced documents.