Master BIM Contracts-A Guide to AIA Contract Documents New Documents

By AIA Contract Documents

August 25, 2022

Successfully completing a construction project, regardless of the scale, can be challenging and typically require extreme amounts of collaboration. Resources such as building materials, talent, and of course capital are all important components with each factoring into the success equation. All these things and a host of others are crucial, but unless there is a coordinated, collaborative thread that unites all pieces and parties, the project is likely to yield less than optimal results.

Effective collaboration in construction is a must. Over time, tools have been introduced to improve this area and make sure that everyone is on the proverbial same page. Renderings, drawings, and powerful CAD technologies that allowed users to visualize their project and form a connection all came into play. As the industry continues to change, so too do the tools professionals use to support their needs. Building Information Modeling (or “BIM” as it’s more commonly referred to) is the latest iteration in this evolutionary process. BIM is more powerful than any tool the industry has seen, with features that span many different roles and provide unprecedented levels of collaboration.

This e-book focuses on the powerful facets of this tool and highlights the new BIM-related products AIA Contract Documents is introducing to help professionals throughout the world integrate this technology into their workflows.

Download: Master BIM Contracts_ A Guide to AIA Contract Documents New Documents