Catina Improves Construction Efficiency

By Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents

April 3, 2024

Efficiency on a construction site comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms, but here’s a reality: it’s necessary. It makes no difference where the project is being built or the type of structure being developed; efficiency, in every sense of the term, is necessary for success. Some variables that impact how smoothly a construction site moves are beyond the control of the staff. Things like weather and rising costs of materials can’t be directly attributed to any team member, but they impact efficiency all the same.

Construction sites, even with all their large machines, thundering sounds, and amazing feats of strength, are actually fragile environments. Even when things appear to be running just as planned, there’s the constant threat of the smallest deviation wreaking havoc. Efficiency is the fuel that drives the motor of an environment. The more fuel a site has, the better, as a well-run project increases morale and profits and gives a distinct competitive advantage when vying for other opportunities. The construction industry is constantly searching for solutions to push the efficiency ball forward and improve its standing in this key metric.

Catina: The Solution the Construction Industry Craves

 From engineers to architects, owners to contractors, everyone involved in the construction process is constantly searching for ways to be more efficient. They’ll find it a number of ways with Catina, AIA Contract Documents’ next-generation software, including:

  • Improved Documents Dashboard: Major improvements in this area give users the types of freedoms, insights, and transparencies they need to handle the challenging construction projects of today. With Catina, there’s no more toggling back and forth between documents. The new functionalities give users the ability to easily monitor all their documents in one central location in an end-to-end manner.
  • Document Editing: Construction projects are constantly evolving on some level and always changing, which means the documents that govern those projects must also change. The new editing feature users will find with Catina was designed with these challenges in mind. Through this robust feature, users can edit their documents online with track change and comment capabilities that make sure all of the parties are kept abreast, communicating, and on the same page.
  • Document Version Tracking: A key component of efficiency is communication and having a clear understanding of the project status. The Document Version Tracking feature found in Catina keeps track of all prior versions of a document to make sure the right decisions are being made and that all parties have access to the same information.


 Efficiency is the fuel that drives the construction process, and any misstep along the way, no matter how minor it may appear, can be disastrous. Access to next-generation tools like Catina helps prevent these types of obstacles by arming users with the kinds of features that put them in place to complete projects efficiently and effectively. In construction, there are some challenges to efficiency that simply can’t be controlled, but one that can be is choosing solutions like Catina, the next-generation software solution that helps users operate more efficiently.

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