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Confusion, Clauses, and Loopholes: Limiting Risk in Contracts

The success of a project hinges on many factors, not the least of which is risk management. The best way to mitigate risk? Through meticulous risk management planning and preparation and review of fair and balanced construction contracts.

In this free webinar, leaders from AIA Contract Documents—the exclusive provider of cloud-based, industry-standard contract documents—and other industry experts share best practices for bypassing liabilities and avoiding the pitfalls that come with lack of preparation.

Topics include:

  • Foundation first: kick things off with a solid risk management plan
  • Prep & check: ensure careful development and review of contracts S
  • eek cover: secure the right insurance for the job
  • Nuts & bolts: gain a clear understanding of contract clauses
  • Nail it down: navigate unclear provisions and loopholes
  • Lock it up: avoid price escalation and labor shortages