eBook: Construction Basics for Owners

By Susan Van Bell, Esq., Former Senior Director and Counsel, AIA Contract Documents

Have you ever pondered the intricate workings of the construction process? While most people only witness the beginning and end, it is what happens in between that truly matters. The minute details that can have a monumental impact, the ups and downs, and the near misses are all integral parts of any project. It involves building relationships, managing budgets, resources, and activities, and seamlessly bringing them all together to achieve the desired outcome. The purpose of this e-book is to provide small commercial and residential owners with a basic overview of construction delivery methods and the construction process.

Table of Contents: 

Part 1: The Importance of the Contract

Part 2: The Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build Delivery

Part 3: Working with an Architect

Part 4: Working with a Contractor

Part 5: Scope of Work, Schedule, and Changes

Part 6: Contract Sum, Owner Financing, and Payment Process

Part 7: Rejection and Correction of Work

Part 8: Termination

Part 9: Dispute Resolution

Part 10: Insurance and Bonds

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