Four Reasons Why Contractors Should Make Customer Service a Priority

By Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents

May 29, 2024

Customer service is a critical component of any successful contractor’s toolkit. Even after a project is complete and crews have moved on to the next opportunity, good contractors are still doing their due diligence, attending to the needs of past clients. It could be a phone call to ensure things are working correctly and the staff understands how to maximize their new structure. On another occasion, customer service might be an on-site visit as it gives a contractor the opportunity to make valuable touches with the client and remain on the radar for any future needs.

There are many facets to customer service. But for a contractor looking to build a durable approach, the most critical element to remember is that customer service is a mindset. Customer service is a mindset emanating from every fiber of the brand ethos, governing every decision a contractor makes on or off the job site. Some contractors view this essential part of their business as a one-off, tackling issues as they arise instead of creating a philosophy that can be layered over the entire client portfolio. What separates the best contractors from the pack, the ones that see year-to-year growth while building brand equity, is that they see customer service as an investment: an investment with the ability to pay dividends in the present and, more importantly, well into the future.

Making Customer Service a Priority

  1. Customer service speaks volumes about a contractor’s brand: Construction sites are busy with loud noises, deadlines, and stressful situations waiting on every corner. While dealing with these things and many more, a contractor who has built a brand that remains focused on customer service will stand out in the crowd. Not all transactions happen in the field, but regardless of where they occur, remaining customer-centric sends a positive brand message.
  2. Focusing on customer service helps build a better workplace: When a contractor focuses on providing stellar customer service, it sends a message of stability to prospective employees and current staff. Construction is an extremely transient industry, and the ability to build a stable workforce promotes synergy and cohesion. These two elements lead to a stronger brand and a higher level of service.
  3. Customer service leads to healthy business relationships: In the construction world, relationships matter. With that, focusing on customer service should get the utmost attention. Clients remember contractor experiences and they shape their perceptions. With that, contractors must go into every engagement with a clear understanding that customer service, before, during and after the project is complete is their priority.
  4. Customer service sets the stage for future projects: Customer service is a mindset that must permeate every facet of a contractor’s business model, but it’s also an investment that opens doors for future opportunities. This is no time to be short-sighted; customer service is for visionaries, and for a contractor who wants their future to be a successful one, investing in this key business component is not an option; it’s a requirement.


Customer service matters, and for any contractor looking to create a sustainable, successful operation, placing it at the forefront must be a priority. The way customer service speaks to the internal and external customer can’t be overlooked, and the role the mindset plays when it comes to shaping a contractor’s future is undeniable. The construction industry is evolving, meaning contractors and their customer service approach should do the same. Being proactive while learning from every customer interaction and infusing those experiences into their customer service program is critical and will help shape the current and future construction contractor market leaders.

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