How AIA Contract Documents Software Benefits Contractors

By Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents

January 31, 2024

Contractors are always looking to build better, work smarter, and deliver a quality product while staying on the leading edge regarding their available resources. That said, AIA Contract Documents software is one of the most powerful tools a contractor can add to their arsenal. The vast array of functionalities they’ll find when using this platform is nothing less than exceptional and helps check all of the boxes. “Our software gives contractors a distinct competitive advantage,” says Ben Segal, Contract Manager at AIA Contract Documents.

Several options dot the construction software landscape, but none can compare to the robust offering from ACD, the recognized industry standard. “Most contractors have tried a software solution a time or two. But they never realize the difference a comprehensive solution like ours has on all facets of their business until they commit to integrating it into their environments. That’s where the true competitive advantage of the relationship reveals itself.”

Aside from giving contractors a leg-up on their competitors, several other benefits are sure to be realized when using software from ACD, including the calculation capabilities. Calculators have historically held a sacred place in the toolkit of a construction contractor. But when using software from ACD, the need to have what had become a staple of the job site nearby becomes a thing of the past. “Our software comes with built-in formulas that compute numbers in a fraction of the time it would take using a traditional calculator. The tool is also accurate, so contractors never have to worry about the integrity of the data they’re receiving; another plus they’ll realize with ACD.”

The ability to track billing and progress payments also helps ACD software stand out. Billing and payments are two areas where many construction projects have often gone awry. But it’s in these spaces where the strength of the ACD solution comes to the fore. The fluid nature of the tool allows contractors to create new billing and payment cycles based on the previous work that has been billed and paid with unparalleled peace of mind. “The way our software seamlessly layers data while maintaining financial integrity using formulas helps contractors track financial and work progress, is something every contractor desires. It’s something they desire, and they will find when they use our tool.”

From an efficiency standpoint, everything improves when a contractor adds ACD software to their business mix. “There isn’t a portion of a project that doesn’t see an uptick in efficiency. Its cumulative meaning time saved in one area leads to more energy, effort, and resources devoted to another. The beauty of our software solution is its’ pervasiveness and the way it positively impacts so many silos of a contractors’ business model.”


 Technology is a key component of the construction contractor profile. In years past, technology was a luxury, but with the increased demands, the need to integrate technologies, including software, has taken on an added layer of importance. For contractors looking to take their technology profile to the next level, the solution offered by ACD is unmatched. The competitive advantage is multi-faceted and will continue growing due to the ongoing commitment to increase the functionality of the tool. Efficiency and finances are two other areas where a software solution plays a critical role. They’re also among the many areas where technology from ACD excels as we work to provide our partners with the tools they need for continuing success.

 About Ben Segal

 Ben Segal is the Manager of Documents Information at AIA Contract Documents. For over two decades, Mr. Segal, a graduate of Washington and Lee University has worked closely with attorneys and members of the Education Team to ensure the production of quality documents that meet the emerging needs of the construction industry.

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