On Demand Webinars

Managing Ongoing and Emerging Risks

Risk is something we face every day. Some risks are obvious, some are unexpected, and some we don’t even know are out there. We all consciously and subconsciously weigh risk and shape our actions to mitigate it in some fashion.

In the design and construction industry, risk is an ongoing and evolving topic. Architects traditionally handle risk by avoiding it all together, managing it through procedures and language in contract documents, transferring risk to others, or simply accepting it. However we address risk, it should be done in a purposeful and deliberate manner based on knowledge of the risk versus potential reward for assuming the risk. It should consider our professional obligations to clients, the community, and its effect on our practice.

In this webinar, presenters explore strategies for identifying, understanding, and managing risks in the design industry. Presenters will also cover: changing standards of care, scope creep, fiduciary responsibility, BIM, and economic loss.