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Minimizing Risk When Including BIM in Your Construction Contracts: Part 1

Part 1 of this video series lays the foundation for how to minimize risk when including provisions for the use of BIM (“Building Information Model”) in your design and construction contracts. To reduce risk, it is important to understand and bridge the BIM knowledge divide, a divide that occurs naturally between those who negotiate contracts and those who model. Neither side sufficiently understands the other, which creates risk.

Contracts can pin down or overcommit reliance on BIM without understanding the modeling process, staff capability, and the details of defining realistic needs for reliability. Likewise, those who actually develop, use, and rely on models typically have little to no understanding of the contractual limitations and obligations their bosses have negotiated for them.

This video will explain the details of this knowledge divide and the means for the individuals on the two sides to work together to reduce project risk, while making the benefits of BIM more accessible. Part 1 of this webinar series will also preview part 2, which will focus on the topic of using BIM as a contract document.