Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance – What is it? Who uses it?

By AIA Contract Documents

December 5, 2023

If you are in the construction industry, you are likely familiar with professional liability insurance – a policy typically purchased by design and engineering professionals, which provides coverage for financial loss due to claims of negligence, mistakes, or a failure to perform their professional duties. However, did you also know that miscellaneous professional liability coverage exists? This article provides a general description of what miscellaneous professional liability coverage is and what professionals or quasi-professionals may want it.


What is miscellaneous professional liability insurance?

Miscellaneous professional liability insurance covers various professionals or quasi professionals who may not fall into the standard policies or specific categories covered by traditional professional liability insurance. For example, traditional professional liability insurance is tailored to specific professions, such as design and engineering professionals. Choosing the correct traditional professional liability insurance policy depends, in large part, on the nature of the profession and the coverage needs. Miscellaneous professional liability insurance, however, is suitable for professionals regardless of whether it falls within a specific industry recognized by traditional professional liability insurance.


Who could use miscellaneous professional liability insurance?

Professionals in the construction industry who may elect to procure miscellaneous professional liability insurance coverage include, but are not limited to, owner’s representatives, program managers, consultants, safety consultants, and any others who may need a more flexible policy that can cater to the diverse needs of their role in a construction project.


Before beginning your next project, contact your broker or insurance provider to learn more about this insurance and consider whether this insurance might be right for you.


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