Saving Money in Construction Through AI

Lynn Pearcey, MBA, Senior Copywriter, AIA Contract Documents

July 11, 2024

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve had a brush or two with Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it’s more commonly called. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pervasive technology that continues to touch all facets of our lives. When it comes to this technology, from work to home and all points in between, the indelible imprint of AI is unmistakable. AI solutions make our homes simpler to manage and maintain while providing layers of comfort that seemed unimaginable a few short years ago.

While we feel the impact of AI at home, the workplace is where it’s most prevalent and that includes the wonderful world of construction. All over the world construction firms are unleashing the power of AI and changing the face of their projects and saving money in the process.

Saving Money Through AI

In construction, AI makes a difference, changes the game, and saves money in several different ways including the following:

  •  Budget Accuracy: In construction, accurate budgeting can be the difference between realizing a profit or suffering a crippling loss. No matter the size, scope, or type of build, being able to craft and adhere to a budget is at the forefront of every project manager’s mind. AI eliminates the guesswork that often comes with budgeting, replacing it with predictive modeling that drives timelines, personnel needs, and resource allocation.
  • Design: When it comes to design, 3D modeling by way of solutions like BIM continues to play a major role. The infusion of AI technology is bringing design to another level and saving construction firms valuable resources. Aside from the actual design of the structure, AI has also become a powerful communication tool, allowing teams to see progress and plan accordingly.
  • Safety: Each year, construction firms spend millions on claims covering on-site injuries. Falls, wrecks, electrocutions, and even death all occur on construction sites, increasing the amount firms pay in premiums. If a worker could look forward and see the injury occurring, chances are they’d do whatever was necessary to avoid it. AI allows workers to see into the future, avoid injuries, and save valuable resources.
  • Productivity: In construction, productivity and profitability are intertwined, with one being a function of the other. When it comes to these two areas, there are so many variables that a project manager, lead person, or supervisor can’t control, and this is where AI comes into play. Using autonomous vehicles or programs instead of manual workers frees up valuable human resources that leaders can use to drive other project areas.


AI is an amazing tool that will continue adding value to homes and workplaces for several years to come, including construction. Historically, construction worksites have always been a haven for elbow grease and sweat, but the imagination this new technology affords opens up pathways that have never been traveled. Hard work and blue-collar ideals will always be a part of the industry, but embracing fresh ways of thinking, including those found in AI, will cost-effectively further projects and the firms that comprise this critical sector of the global economy.


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