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The Fundamentals of an Effective Custom Residential Contract

The custom residence is, in many ways, the epitome of architectural practice – most architects began their architectural journey thinking about houses. The relationship between the architect and the homeowner can be among the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences an architect can undertake. But it can also be one that is fraught with contention and frustration. What differentiates one from the other? In many cases it is as simple as aligning the expectations of the architect with the client for what each is supposed to do through the life of the project. Believe it or not, your contract can be the ideal vehicle to discuss and memorialize those expectations.

This webinar walks you through the fundamental components of a contract and how to use your contract as a tool to discuss responsibilities, scope and compensation with your clients. Learn about two new agreements published by AIA Contract Documents for use in single family custom residential design and construction.