Winter conditions – How do you prevent them from impacting your budget and schedule?

By AIA Contract Documents

December 5, 2023

‘Tis the season! As we move into the colder months, projects are exposed to adverse weather, including low temperatures, snow, ice, and reduced daylight hours. Low temperatures, snow, and ice can create hazardous conditions, impact the cure time and performance of construction materials, and reduce labor and equipment efficiencies. Reduced daylight hours can impact the amount of time you have to perform construction activities on a daily basis.

Below are some considerations that you can make to prevent or minimize winter condition impacts to your budget and schedule.

Work sequence.  Can you organize the work to allow your crew to perform work that will be less impacted by the cold weather conditions?

Material availability. Will you encounter project delays caused by unavailable materials, such as asphalt, paints, or coatings?

Additional costs. Will you need to incorporate the cost of additional materials into your budget to ensure the work can progress, such as additives or insulation to help materials cure?

Reduced work hours. Will the reduced daylight hours impact your daily production?

Equipment and protective gear. Consider whether you need heaters to maintain the temperature needed for your materials, equipment, and crew. Additionally, consider the winter gear your crew may need for safety and comfort.

Snow and ice management. Plan ahead and implement snow and ice removal plans to keep the construction site and surrounding areas safe and accessible.

Early project planning can help prevent or minimize winter conditions from impacting your construction project.

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