AIA Contract Documents Opens Doors of Opportunity for Arlington Remodeling

About Arlington Remodeling

Arlington Remodeling was founded in 1981, and since that time, the firm has become one of the premier minority contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. “If you need it, we can build” is their philosophy; the staff embodies it with each project. Complete construction projects to add-ons, conversions, remodels, and beyond; Arlington Remodeling is committed to providing quality services while creating thriving environments.

“As a minority contractor, our road to success came with certain societal obstacles. Using AIA contracts eased those perceptions enough to give us a chance to prove that we are a viable service provider.”


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and while some may disagree, seeing the amount of construction happening across the state will change the mind of even the most ardent skeptic. The state is booming, with structures going up seemingly overnight, and North Texas is at the epicenter. With a pair of world-class cities in Dallas and Fort Worth anchoring it, the region is arguably the busiest construction market in the nation. “The explosive growth I’ve seen here year in, and year out prompted me to start my firm. To this day, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Before going out on his own, Rhodes worked for several contractors in the area, and each one helped hone his already formidable skills while bringing him one step closer to being the boss. “I was leading major projects and gaining some good hands-on experience on several different types of sites. I watched the cycles and trends of the industry and saw no signs of slowing growth. With the skills I had amassed, my network and the volume of opportunities, I knew I was in the midst of something special.”

The Power of Versatility

During the startup phase, the primary focus of many operations is just keeping the doors open. This theory is especially true when you’re bootstrapping and moving from project to project to fund the business. One of the fastest ways to overcome this challenge is to be versatile in your service offerings. “Our approach to building a suite of service offerings was broad, and as a new kid on the block, we began using it as a strategic advantage. The great thing about it was that for every opportunity, a custom home, shopping center, commercial building, no matter what it was, AIA had a contract.”

“The versatility we found in AIA Contracts aligned perfectly with our needs and fueled our early growth.”

Opening Closed Doors

Rhodes found out early that life as a minority contractor would be challenging. Some of the challenges he and his team faced during the early phases of business had nothing to do with his skill set or those of the team he amassed. What he encountered was deeper. “Project managers and owners would often question our acumen, even though cumulatively, we had just as much, if not more, experience than any of our competitors. Their reservations in doing business with us stemmed from the fact that I and the majority of my team were minorities – Black and Hispanic men. And while they were used to seeing us on their worksites, they weren’t used to seeing us in ownership or leadership positions. The mood of the room changed whenever we mentioned we used ACD. The documents, in effect, legitimized my business and gave us a chance we might not otherwise have been able to secure.”

Moving Forward

Today, Arlington Remodeling is one of the premier minority contractors in North Texas. A large part of that recognition stems from their early relationship with ACD and the opportunities the documents afforded them to secure. “We travel all over this part of the state, and the growth we consistently see is staggering. We also see long-standing projects that we built. There’s a certain amount of pride that comes with that process. And behind every project we’ve been a part of stands a contract from ACD. We’re happy they were a part of our past and look forward to them being a part of our future.”