Bluestone Builders Realizes Exponential Growth By Using AIA Contract Documents

About Bluestone Builders

Since 2004, Bluestone Builders has been a staple on the Northern Virginia and Metro Washington DC scene. They specialize in new home and commercial construction, underpinnings for historic homes, foundation repair, basement dig-outs, and concrete repair. Their broad offerings and integrity-based service approach combine to make them the contractor of choice for a wide range of high-profile opportunities.

“Part of my training to become an attorney was learning to spot a good contract. The ones I reviewed from AIA were far and away the best I had ever seen.”


Tim Moran always loved tinkering, getting his hands dirty, and building things. It’s who he is, and upon graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, he realized that it’s who he always would be. So, after dabbling in law and working abroad, he decided the time had come to heed the call of his first love: construction, and thus began the life of Bluestone Builders.

He stepped out on faith and began following his passion. Like most startups during the early days, the company was long on ambition but short on resources. These limitations meant contracts were crude and opportunities were small. “When we first started, Excel spreadsheets, the backs of napkins, and handshakes were our contracts, but I knew those would only get us so far. Sure, I was a trained attorney, but I couldn’t build contracts and a business at the same time. As soon as we had sufficient cash flows, we partnered with AIA and haven’t looked back,” said Moran.

Fueling Growth

With the new AIA partnership and a heightened brand profile, Bluestone expanded its range of services. Expansion meant the vision that began with home renovations quickly morphed into a full-service construction contracting firm. “Before moving forward, I built a network of professionals capable of servicing every conceivable property need. We just needed a chance to show our wares. We had the skills, but as a startup, customers hesitated to trust us. Once we presented a contract written by AIA, those worries turned to signatures, handshakes, and closed deals.” 

“Plain and simple, AIA Contracts opened doors and brought us the type of credibility every startup operation craves.”

The Nation’s Capital

Washington, DC, is a global treasure and a world-class city. Steeped in tradition and framed in history, the masses here at home and abroad view our nation’s capital as hallowed ground. From the gleaming monuments that leave visitors awestruck to the museums that dot the downtown to the most powerful residence in the world, the city bathes in an undeniable eminence. “The city is special on par with any in the world. The opportunity for my firm to put our signature on this incredible landscape fuels and humbles me all at the same time.”