AIA Contract Documents Provide Construction Cicerone with An Invaluable Resource

About Construction Cicerone

Robert P. Hall, Attorney at Law and founder of Construction Cicerone offers legal services as a counselor to owners and residences regarding issues of maintenance and repair. The firm also provides legal services associated with contract reviews and negotiations for contractors and suppliers in the construction industry.

“From products to seminars, follow-ups, and everything in between, my relationship with AIA Contract Documents is without question the best business investment I’ve ever made.”–


Often filled with ambiguous, hard-to-process language, contracts can be challenging. Even the most critical-thinking business leaders often find themselves at a loss when it comes to understanding and digesting the ins and outs of this all-important instrument. But here’s the thing: they’re necessary. They’re necessary and govern every silo of business in some form or fashion, and that includes construction, where no part, no piece, and no person supersede the might of a contract.

Robert P. Hall loves people, contracts, the law, and helping others overcome challenges, and his business thrives on those principles, the same ones that have been its’ foundation for over three decades. “My job as an attorney is to help make my client’s lives easier, and one of the best ways I’ve been able to do this is by advising them to use an AIA contract. They’re strong, easy to understand, and ready to use out of the box.”

The Friend and the Compass

Everyone, regardless of the stage in life or business, needs a friend that they can count on. The one friend, that special someone they’re able to rely on during tough times, knowing that no matter how tough the times may be, that friend will always be there. For Hall and Construction Cicerone, ACD has become that friend. As the relationship has grown, so too has his reputation for astutely navigating complex legal roads with ACD acting as his compass. “The contracts are very favorable and simply a fantastic resource for lawyers practicing construction law. From a legal standpoint, the ACD portfolio covers every facet of our industry.”

“It’s comforting to know that you’re using an instrument that is accepted industry wide.”

No Starting From Scratch

In any construction project involving an attorney, there are fees, which can often become exorbitant. A large portion of the expenditures comes when the document used to govern the project comes directly from an attorney. In legal jargon, it’s called a manuscript, which simply means the attorney starts from scratch, writing a contract that meets the exact needs of the client. A manuscript contract can be extremely costly, and it’s one of the reasons Hall always steers his clients to ACD. “My job as an attorney is to protect my clients in every sense of the term, including dollars and cents in the way of cost savings that ultimately translate into increased profits. With the help of ACD, I’ve been able to do this while providing financial growth and helping my clients build sustainable businesses.”

“The way ACD constructs legal documents is nothing short of incredible.”

Improving Negotiations

Negotiations can also be extremely costly when it comes to a construction project. Negotiations often translate into delays and frayed feelings and sometimes create a contentious environment instead of the collaborative settings that frame successful projects. “When you hand a client or contract an A201 or an A104, they get it. The contracts are clear and digestible, streamlining the negotiation process and allowing both parties to get to the business of doing what they do best.”

More Than Just Contracts

The relationship between Hall and ACD began in the 90s, and in that time, it has strengthened. From the A101 Owner Architect Agreement to the A201 General Conditions for Contract Construction to the A104 Standard Abbreviation Form, Hall trusts ACD implicitly. But for him, it’s about so much more than documents.“So many times, a company will do the surface work of building a product or solution that appeals to the customer and that’s great. That’s great, but exceptional organizations build those things, but they also do the little things to make sure that initial appeal manifests into a true relationship. Webinars, seminars, continuing education, and stellar customer services, that’s what I’ve found with ACD and that’s why I’ll always be a staunch advocate for their offerings.”