AIA Contract Documents Help ESa Build Their New Home

About ESa

ESa serves clients in the community and the arts, corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality, residential, and senior living. Founded in 1961 and based in Nashville, Tennessee, the firm provides design services in architecture, master planning, and space planning, creating environments that shape lives.

“AIA documents address emerging industry trends and needs while balancing risks. At ESa, we start with these documents.”–


Nashville, Tennessee. Just saying those words evoke the images of a live band onstage playing their hearts out in a spirited bar, plates that eat better than you could ever imagine moving from kitchen to table, and culture coming from every which way and oozing out of every space, nook, and cranny. Nashville, Tennessee, is one of our nation’s best-kept urban secrets, powered by forward-thinking technologies and directions that are sure to keep the city on the leading edge of innovation. New Urbanism has arrived, and Nashville is at the forefront of this move, championing it in every possible way, and that includes spaces like The Gulch Crossing, designed by ESa.

The Gulch Crossing is an 8-story Class A office space located in The Gulch; the first mixed-use LEED-certified neighborhood in the South. The design pays homage to the rich history and role of railyards by using a boxcar interpretation with a modern open appeal. It was an out-of-the-box project and AIA Contract Documents was there every step of the way. The product was near and dear to ESa, because eventually it became home to their new offices.

The Gulch: A Closer Look

The Gulch is the very definition of mixed-use with hospitality, retail, residential, and office space throughout the neighborhood. The location features businesses that embody the spirit of Nashville, surrounded by a host of nationally known retailers that complement the local establishments. Residents like to call The Gulch “an experience,” and one visit to this well-planned community, you’ll understand why they’re so enamored with it and also why ESa chose it for their new home. “It was ideal for everything we wanted in a new office and everything we represent as a brand.”

In 2009, The Gulch was recognized for being Silver Certified, a designation only four neighborhoods worldwide have achieved. “The area and all it brought, including the emphasis on green energy and environmental protections, made moving to the area and working on the project a no-brainer for us.” ESa partnered with Market Street Enterprises and JE Dunn Construction on this project, with contracts from AIA Contract Documents paving the way.

“This was a very hands-on project and we relied heavily on AIA Contract Documents to guide us every step of the way.”

Contracts of Choice

For ESa, it was never a matter of who they would call on for contracts. Their relationship with ACD has been solid for quite some time. The question was which contract would they use to guide them through the project. “We knew ACD had everything we needed and once we were able to map out the scope and needs of the opportunity, that’s when we turned to deciding which contract would be the best fit.” Myers and the team employed several different documents from the ACD roster. Among them were the A101SP – Owner/Contractor Stipulated Sum, the A151-Owner/FF&E Vendor Stipulated Sum, the A201SP-General Conditions Sustainable Project version, and all associated administrative G-forms. Each of these documents played a tremendous part in helping to guide ESa through this groundbreaking project. “For every phase of the project, we were able to go to ACD and find a document that aligned with our area of need.”

“At the time, we were looking to move into a new space and The Gulch seemed like the perfect fit for us.”

The Gulch: Today

Today, The Gulch stands as a shining example of innovation and forward-thinking craftsmanship, thanks to the fine work led by ESa. As the neighborhood continues to grow and mature, the allure that made it such an attractive destination for all walks of life continues moving in a positive direction. More importantly, the template is one that other cities, firms, and citizens can use to improve their communities while protecting and preserving our world.