The Perfect Contract For A Mile-High Opportunity

About KGD Architecture


KGD Architecture is an award-winning, full-service design firm with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and offices in Boston, Arlington, and Bangkok. KGD has received accolades for design excellence and environmental stewardship for its work addressing the processing needs of communities across multiple client verticals, including commercial/mixed-use, hospitality, housing, education, science, and technology, as well as workplace and lifestyle interiors. The firm brings diverse perspectives to complex projects, creating spaces that articulate a client’s values, history, brand, and culture.

“The Kimpton Project represents yet another amazing growth opportunity for our firm and one that we’re extremely excited to be a part of.”


When it comes to ranking the most desirable cities in the nation, Denver, Colorado annually ranks at or near the top, and with good reason. Starting with the arts, the Mile High setting is the unquestioned leader in the West and rivals that of any other this great country of ours has to offer. If you ask any Foodie, they’ll tell you Denver and their willingness to embrace and explore a wide range of culinary paths is the destination at the top of their lists. And when the topic turns to technology, the Denver tech scene is considered one of the most elite in the world … and it’s about to become even better.

Kimpton and Denver Tech: A Winning Combination

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants will open its first lifestyle hotel in the Denver Tech Center neighborhood, adding immense value to an already thriving area of the city’s progressive tech culture. Formally known as the Kimpton Claret Hotel at Belleview Station, this hotel will be part of the IHG Hotels Luxury and Lifestyle portfolio. It will also be the third property in the city and one that aligns well with the sector’s vision. The architecture of this location along with aspects of its construction administration have been entrusted to KGD Architecture, an award-winning firm based in Washington, DC, with offices and projects worldwide“When we received word that KGD would be the choice to build this property, our first priority was to put a contract in place to guide the project. We knew exactly the one we’d use; AIA Document B-103 from ACD”, said Tom Donaghy, Principal of KGD Architecture.

“The promise of our firm is that we always come with our best and that philosophy encompasses the contracts we use to guide us.”

Inside AIA Document B-103

One thing is certain when it comes to construction of the projects they design: they’re busy. They’re busy with an often-dizzying array of people, processes, and parts moving to and from, back and forth, and every which way. Environments like that call for durability and flexibility in all areas, including the contract, which Donaghy and his team found in AIA Document B-103. The B-103 is recognized as the industry’s premier standard form of agreement and the choice of owners and architects when it comes to complex projects like the Kimpton. “The contract is our compass, and the functionality and concise nature of the B-103 is precisely what we needed for this project. The B-103 is an extremely well-written document, and it provides all parties with the requisite protections needed to move forward and build what we’re sure will be a result we can all be proud of in the end.”

“The client was familiar with ACD and respected the fact that we use them. That common ground provided the momentum that will fuel both sides throughout.”

The Clear Choice

The role of a construction contract is varied. From outlining the project’s scope to costs and payment schedules to change orders, timelines, and dispute resolutions, the role of a construction contract is varied. So, too, is the role of the business leader. “I wear a lot of different hats and juggle several priorities. My primary function is to procure projects that mesh with the core capabilities and competencies of the firm. In collaboration with our firm’s co-founders and fellow principals, I also share the responsibility of defining the strategic direction of the KGD Architecture brand, and part of that charge is making sure the contracts we use support our goals.”


The Perfect Contract

The Kimpton Claret Hotel is set to debut in the heart of Denver’s Tech Center neighborhood in early 2024. The property will be a welcome addition to the innovative landscape, further cementing this part of the city as a cherished jewel of innovation and a beacon for forward-thinking discovery. Once completed, the hotel will stand as a testament to the hard work stemming from countless hands, all of which played a part in creating it. All of which were guided by the AIA Document B-103, the perfect contract for this and any other opportunity.