Nia Architects Keeps Things in Order Using AIA Contract Documents


With offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C., Nia (purpose in Swahili) Architects partners with community developers, leaders, groups, and members to create purpose-driven solutions. Black-owned and a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), the firm comprises a diverse range of architects and designers. Their team’s strength, innovation, and creativity are rooted in diversity. Their portfolio features an array of award-winning multi-family, education, healthcare, and mixed-use projects.

"As our firm continues to grow, so does our relationship with AIA Contracts."

A World-Class City, an American Metropolis 

The Windy City. The Second City. The City of Big Shoulders. The City That Works. Chicago. No matter which moniker you choose, Chicago is without question one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a premier destination with amenities and activities that are nothing less than exceptional.

History and art buffs heap immense praise on the museum district, which houses rare exhibits and artifacts. The food scene has a taste for every palate, and the same is true for entertainment. The iconic skyline seamlessly balances past, present, and future design elements, helping to make it a must-visit destination. Chicago: a genuinely great American metropolis. 

Simply put, there is something for everyone in the nation’s 3rd largest city.

Chicago is also a city that has embraced the mixed-use concept, with the exciting Southbridge Project Phase 1A and 1B being the latest addition to the city’s burgeoning landscape. Nia Architects was a key contributor, using contracts from AIA Contract Documents (ACD).

The Southbridge Project

“It was a collaborative effort which meant we had partners reporting to and depending on us. From our vantage point, having a contract from AIA in the mix was a must,” shares Akindele. Their documents of choice included G702 and G704. G702 is a payment application contractors use to apply for payment, and architects use it to certify payment is due. The G704 document records completion dates which aid in timely payments. “Both have been instrumental in our success in the past and played a major role in this project,” Akindele mentions.

"Southbridge gave us another chance to place our imprint on the great city of Chicago."

The Simple Life

Consistency, durability, functionality, and thoroughness are just a few of the words clients use to describe documents from ACD. These words and the level of satisfaction driving them are why ACD has become the recognized industry standard for construction contracts. Akindele agreed with the descriptors but added one of his own.

“Simple. ACD solutions are simple and easy to use, and this is especially important in hectic construction environments. The last thing anyone wants is a challenge due to contract ambiguities or technical difficulties. With AIA Contracts, we know we’re getting the best the industry has to offer and one that’s simple and easy to use.” 

"With AIA Contracts, there's a document for every project, which makes life so much easier."

Chicago and Beyond

Chicago is a world-class city and an American metropolis bursting with energy, originality, and a signature flavor that is instantly recognizable. The architectural landscape is breathtaking, with a sense of timelessness that is on par with any other. It offers everything you could ask for from an urban environment and more. 

The city has also allowed Nia Architects to do some simply incredible work with the help of ACD. “The value we receive is second to none,” says Akindele. “We’ll continue using these documents as we work to expand our portfolio and extend our footprint.”