AIA Contract Documents Simplify Life for Park Avenue International Contracting Corporation

About Park Avenue International Contracting Corporation

Park Avenue International Contracting Corporation was founded on the principles of quality craftsmanship, integrity, and innovativeness. No matter the scope or location of the project, our team is committed to delivering the highest standards of workmanship in a mutually beneficial manner, servicing their unique needs while furthering our corporate brand.

“New York City is a competitive construction environment, but with the help of AIA Contract Documents, we’ve built a business that continues to thrive.”–


Skylines have always been a part of the unique fabric of this great nation. They’re symbolic mechanisms of confirmation and metropolitan validation that stir emotions in the residents hailing from these urban locales. For starters, the Chicago skyline is home to the Willis Towers, which once boasted the title of the world’s tallest building. Los Angeles has the Wilshire Grand Center and US Bank Tower, while Dallas boasts the Bank of America Plaza, complete with its’ iconic neon green lights. All of these and so many more in cities throughout America inspire awe and wonder. But when it comes to the topic of skylines, one destination stands head and shoulders above the rest: New York City.

New York City is home to what is unquestionably the premier skyline in all of America and, arguably, the world. With its’ perfect blend of old and new, traditional, and cutting-edge design, the descent into Gotham, whether by air, land, or water, is truly a sight to behold. The city will soon welcome the latest edition to their mix in the way of 27 Park Place, located in Manhattan, built by Park Avenue International Contracting Corporation, and guided by a contract from AIA Contract Documents. “We’ve built all over the city, and with each opportunity, our relationship with ACD deepens, and they’ve become our unquestioned contract provider of choice,” said George Dabbagh, President of Park Avenue International Contracting.


Everything Moves Smoothly

Construction sites are busy, and from the outside looking in, they can often appear chaotic. But appearances can be deceiving, especially when the right contract governs the site. During times like these, the value of the instruments ACD offers comes into clear view. “Even in the most frenetic situations where things appear to be going every which way, it’s comforting to know that things are going just as planned based on the tenets of our contract.”

Order and efficiency rule the day on a construction site, two qualities that ACD has consistently provided to Dabbagh and his teams. “The jobs just run smoothly when an ACD contract is in place. Teams know what to expect and when to deliver and are free to do their best work. When this happens, everyone wins regardless of which side of the proverbial table you’re sitting on.” How you work is just as big a statement about your brand as the work you perform, and with ACD, Dabbagh is confident his projects will always move at the perfect cadence. “The contracts play a major role in how we’re able to continue thriving year in and year out.”

“There are no hidden agendas when you work with a contract from ACD. Everyone walks away knowing their best interests are being served.”

The Intangibles

Dabbagh and his firm have been faithful users of ACD contracts for over thirty years. As his business continues to transition and evolve to meet the needs of his customers, he’s come to appreciate the documents more and more with each passing year. “The contracts from ACD are simple and easy to digest, balanced so that everyone wins, and fair. With those three intangibles in place, you’ve laid a foundation for success every single time you line up to do work.”

New York City is home to the world’s premier skyline, and depending on who you speak with, it is the most competitive place for construction contractors and strong, durable contracts. “I appreciate ACD and all the opportunities the contracts have afforded me in this market. It’s tough, gritty, and everything you’d ever think it would be, being that it’s New York City, and we love it.”

“Using AIA contracts puts everyone on the same page. There’s no ambiguity and everyone knows what’s expected.”