Balance And Trust Help AIA Contract Documents Move Spyder Construction To The Next Level

About Spyder Construction

Spyder Construction is a full-service general contractor specializing in large-loss insurance restoration and structural repairs. The company serves the needs of commercial and multi-family properties. Based in Colorado, they’re committed to providing excellent, first-class service with clear communication, honesty, and integrity delivered by an expert project management team.

"AIA Contracts are fair, thorough, and most importantly, they’re balanced which means everyone wins."


When Jim Ellis joined Spyder Construction five years ago, he packed a broad skillset spanning three decades. His business card says Senior Project Director, but his calling card has always been doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.

On a given day, he’d be a shrewd negotiator, opening and closing deals of all sizes and scopes. Hours later, he’d morph into a staunch brand advocate, seamlessly weaving a narrative holding integrity and recognizable value. Other times he could be found in the field, planting the seeds of success, and cultivating the next crop of construction professionals.

Finance, project management, estimating, procurement, and all points in between; in him, Spyder Construction found a man who understood every facet of the industry, including contracts.

Telling The Story​

Contracts are more than legal documents that dole out responsibilities, provide protections, and set schedules and prices. In many ways, contracts tell the story of a project. Being new to the company, Ellis was curious to discover the stories behind the Spyder contracts, so he combed through several of them. When he did, he walked away feeling the stories, while bursting with success, were decidedly one-sided.

“Each contract I reviewed skewed in favor of the client … because they were from the client. Before arriving at Spyder, I had worked extensively with AIA Contracts, and I knew those documents would solve the problem. I wasn’t looking to gain the upper hand. I was looking for balance, which I’ve always found with AIA Contract Documents (ACD),” says Ellis.

"AIA Contracts are fair, thorough, and most importantly, they’re balanced which means everyone wins."

Perception Is Reality

In life and business, perception is reality. Spyder Construction perceived itself as a market-leading service provider. They had all the makings, but for that perception to become a reality, the way they approached contracts had to change.

With AIA Contracts on their side, the company’s profile went to another level, and their strategy for securing opportunities also changed. Armed with polished, professional contracts, Spyder was able to pursue an entirely different class of clients. “Before AIA, our average project hovered around the $300K range. We’re currently working on a $40-million project secured using an AIA contract and excited by what the future holds,” says Ellis.

“With AIA Contracts, we were able to target and compete for a more sophisticated level of clients."

Trust And Transparency

Trust and transparency are two of the many reasons Spyder continues using AIA contracts. No matter the scale of the project, Ellis knew he could find a document that met their needs. More importantly, he knew they’d always be clear, easy to understand, and fair. Their go-to documents include A105, G502, and G703. The A111 is used for single-family residential projects when an owner hires a homebuilder to perform the construction. The G502 and G703 are both payment application forms that contractors use when payments are due.

“We’ve used these documents on several of our projects. They’re durable and keep everyone accountable. When changes are made, no matter how large or small, everyone is made aware. Nothing is hidden and everything is out in the open. That type of transparency fosters trust, both are necessary for a successful project,” says Ellis.  

“Roles, responsibilities, job parameters, and every possible scenario are covered in an AIA Contract.”


A construction project is an often-dizzying array of parts, pieces, and people seemingly moving every which way. To outsiders, and in some cases, insiders too, it can appear to be chaotic and confusing. These challenges increase when there isn’t a contract capable of governing and guiding the building process. “A solid contract brings order to any project, fosters trust, and brings balance. When these things are in place, everyone wins no matter which side of the table you’re sitting on,” says Ellis.

Spyder Construction continues serving its market with documents from ACD. The relationship fosters trust and transparency and balance that sets the right tone for every project. As they work to expand their reach and positively impact customers, they’re committed to using documents supplied by ACD. This philosophy will ensure that when a project ends, all parties walk away winners, no matter where they sit.