AIA Contract Documents: The Industry Standard

About AIA Contract Documents

For more than a century, AIA Contract Documents has been providing contracts that meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. Engineers, contractors, and architects have all recognized ACD as the industry standard, and with each passing year, they lean more heavily on our resources.

Customer-first is the approach our team takes when constructing a document. Our guiding belief is that all parties, regardless of their position relative to the project, deserve a legal instrument that frees them to perform at their highest level. This approach is the value our contracts have a history of providing, allowing professionals to be the best version of themselves while building stronger communities and workplaces through quality craftsmanship. The industry is evolving, but we’re not static; we’re moving too, adjusting our offerings to meet the emerging needs of our base. We’re making a difference, as evidenced by direct feedback from our customers.

“The way ACD constructs legal documents is nothing short of incredible.”–


So much has changed in the construction industry over the last 30 years. These changes include using materials and processes and the introduction of sustainable designs to protect our environment. Then there’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the leading-edge functionalities it brings to the table, both now and well into the future. Amy Laughlin has seen all these changes and so many more. She’s been the Business Manager for Kautter & Kelly for three decades, and while so many people, things, and processes have changed, one thing has remained a constant: AIA Contract Documents.

Construction sites are living, breathing organisms with people and parts moving in every which way. But it’s there on those busy construction sites where Kautter & Kelly saw the value AIA contracts bring. “The calm in the storm is how I view a contract from AIA Contract Documents. Anything and sometimes, everything goes  wrong on a job, but the constant we can rely on is our contract. It gives us control, helps us maintain order, and keeps everyone on task,” said Laughlin.

DAO Architecture - Universally Accepted

Before a project commences, parties typically take the contract to their legal teams for a final review. It’s the last piece of due diligence before the real work begins, and Orrechio is never concerned. “Lawyers love AIA contracts because they’re simple, fair, and good. They’re also balanced, making negotiations easier,” shares Dan Orrecchio. 

For more than 100 years, ACD has been the most trusted name in the construction contract industry. The documents have withstood the test of time, showing unmatched durability and functionality. “Unforeseen situations arise during nearly every project. It’s part of the industry we work in. It’s comforting to know that ACD has seen them all, and the contracts contain language that adequately addresses each one.”

“Lawyers relax when they see an AIA contract is being used.”

RW Studio - Instant Credibility

There’s power in first impressions, and as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make one, a harsh reality that has always stood at the forefront of Wests’ mind. A minority in an industry where only 10% are persons of color, West understood that the first chance might be his only chance. With that, when the time came for his firm to begin pursuing projects, mentioning RW Studio used contracts from ACD always made a favorable impression. “Instant credibility is the best way I can describe the feeling I felt when I saw the look in the clients’ eyes. The tone of the interaction changed, and any doubt they had in us as a firm was no more, simply by referencing our affiliation with ACD.”

“Doors that more than likely would’ve remained closed, opened when I mentioned ACD.”

Perkins Eastman - There’s Simply No Comparison

For more than a century, ACD has been the premier document provider for the construction industry, setting the pace with innovative iterations that proactively and adequately serve the needs of each segment silo. However, some have yet to experience the difference the comprehensive suite of solutions offers. “We’ve always used ACD, and I don’t see that changing, but from time to time, we work with clients and private developers who are partial to their agreements. When we stack theirs up against the documents, we use from ACD, the differences are immediately noticeable, and to be perfectly honest, the further we go along, the more we realize there’s simply no comparison.”