Online Service Updates

The following is a list of updates to the AIA Contract Documents online service.


September 2023

Template edits – The B161-2022, Standard Form of Agreement between Client and Consultant for design consulting services where the Project is located outside the United States was modified at Section 9.3. The original version of the first sentence of this section included the language “provided that the Client substantially performs its obligations under the Agreement, including prompt payment of all sums due pursuant to Articles 11 and 13.”  The inclusion of this language in the B161-2022 is an error and has now been removed. The second sentence in this section more appropriately covers scenarios in which the license granted in Section 9.3 will terminate.

August 2023

Template edits – The B112-2022, Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Architect of Record was modified in section 7.3 to correct a clerical error. This 4th sentence of this section has been modified to state that the “The license granted under this section permits the Owner to authorize the Contractor, Subcontractors, Sub-subcontractors, and suppliers, as well as the Owner’s consultants and separate contractors, to reproduce applicable portions of the Instruments of Service, subject to any protocols established pursuant to Section 1.4, solely and exclusively for use in performing services or construction for the Project.”

February 2023

Facility maintenance documents release – Maintenance agreements in two contracting methods are now available: (1) a master agreement with work orders and (2) as stand-alone agreements. These documents are the first release of the new Facility Management document family. Learn more

July 2022

New BIM and digital delivery documents are released to replace the 2013 BIM documents. The 2022 documents streamline the documentation process and reflect current practices. Learn more

June 2022

New Sworn Construction Statements and Lien Waiver and Release Forms – A limited number of Sworn Construction Statements, and Lien Waiver and Release forms that might be used in specific states are now available. In addition, generic versions of those documents that might be used in the remaining states are released. Learn more

May 2022

Spring 2022 documents release (pt. 2)  a new international document and corresponding guide are now available: B161™–2022 Client/Consultant Agreement – Project outside United States, and B561™–2022 Guide to International Practice and Contracting for U.S. Architects.

April 2022

Template edits  two templates have been updated to correct references to supporting documents:

  • A221-2018: Section 3.3.1 was revised to clarify the reference to Exhibit A, Determination of Cost of the Work by providing the user with a direct reference to A121 Exhibit A.
  • C421-2018: Section 9.1 was revised to replace the reference to A201 for the definition of Cost of the Work with B101. The reference to A201 was incorrect as A201 did not define Cost of the Work. The definition is found in B101 and the revision remedies the incorrect reference.

March 2022

Spring 2022 documents release  four new documents and a guide are now available: A113™-2022 Owner/Contractor Agreement – Remodel of Single Family HomeB111™-2022 Owner/Design Architect AgreementB112™-2022 Owner/Architect of Record AgreementE205™-2022 Architects’ Scope and Responsibility Matrix Exhibit, and B511™-2022 Guide for Projects Involving a Design Architect and Architect of Record.

September 2021

Fall 2021 documents release  three new documents are now available: B305™-2021, Architect’s Qualification StatementC403™-2021, Client/Consultant Agreement – Design Assist Services, and C404™-2021, Contractor/Consultant Agreement – Delegated Design Services.

August 2021

Summer 2021 documents release  two new Custom Residential Project documents are now available. Learn more.

June 2021

Spring 2021 documents release  new Single Family Residential documents and Cost of the Work payment forms are now available.

May 2021

Improved online editor for forms (NEW)  Continuation Sheets will now open in an improved online editor. You can now add unlimited rows, bulk delete rows, and copy and paste from other spreadsheets. Learn more.

October 2020

Fall 2020 documents release  five new AIA documents are now available, including two key residential documents and a new warranty bond. Read more about the new documents.

July 2020

Import drafts from the Home Tab (NEW)  Quickly import drafts to be finalized from the Home tab. Just click Import File in the Recent Activity Section. Click here for steps.

May 2020

Spring 2020 documents release  new AIA documents now available: Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services, Guide for Sustainable Projects and Architect’s Services: Programming. Read more about the new documents.

February 2020

New Help site  organized into three categories, with filter and search features. Click here to visit the new Help site.

In-service guided learning tool  walks you through key online service tasks. Once logged into the online document service, look for the question mark to take advantage of guided learning.

Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa) documents release  This release includes new and updated  Construction Manager as Adviser documents. Read more about the new documents.

November 2019

Fall 2019 documents release  The fall 2019 release includes updated  Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) documents. Read more about the new documents.

May 2019

Spring 2019 documents release  The spring 2019 release includes six new and revised Interiors family documents. Read more about the new documents.

April 2019

Redesigned Projects tab – This includes new features to help locate specific projects. Additionally, multiple filtering and sorting options provide improved access to recent documents. View a Projects tab video tutorial.  Read more about new sorting and filtering options.

November 2018

Time Zone feature (NEW)  An option is now provided to set your preferred time zone. This change will affect the date and time for the following:

  • Your view of the files in Home and Projects tab
  • Last Modified date for your files
  • The footnote timestamp of finalized documents
  • The timestamp of the Additions and Deletions report

October 2018

Fall 2018 documents release  The October 2018 release includes 13 new and revised AIA  forms and contracts. Read more about the new documents.

September 2018

Identify Document feature (NEW)  Metadata removal tools may render draft documents unable to be finalized. The “Identify Document” feature provides a way to restore missing metadata to files generated by the online service so they can be further edited and finalized.

May 2018

Project sorting  Sorting by Modified Date has been improved to display the project where documents were most recently created or edited at the top of the list, making it easier to resume your work next time you log in. Previously, only edits to Project Data would update the last modified date.

Idle session timeout   The session timeout value has been increased from 20 to 40 minutes. After 40 minutes of inactivity users will automatically be logged out of the system. (Note: For secure and best practices, the application is set with a time period to end the session if there is no activity; it ends user’s session if the computer is idle for the configured amount of time. A session is considered idle if there is no periodic background requests from user’s computer to the server, such as save draft action. Typing only does not post a request to the server.)

April 2018

Imported documents showing in the wrong project   In certain scenarios, imported documents were saving to a different project than the one selected. This has been resolved.

Change to default editor for new draft agreements  To ensure the best editing experience, the default setting for editing new draft agreements has been changed to “offline”. Change your setting any time via My Settings if you prefer to continue editing online. Customers who already have “offline” set as their default editor are unaffected by this change.

March 2018

  • B121 – Section 8.6 – a reference to Section 8.8 has been corrected to refer to Section 8.7
  • C203 – Section 2.4.1 – the reference to has been corrected to refer to
  • Section 2.5.1 – the reference to has been corrected to refer to

February 2018

Team member selection for offline documents  By default, offline drafts created from projects with multiple contacts for a certain role, e.g. Architect, were pulling the first team member listed. This has been fixed to allow users to select from the list of team members for a certain role.

December 2017

Archive project feature (NEW)  An Archive feature has been introduced that allows projects that are not currently being worked on to be moved from the list of active projects to a separate tab. This reduces clutter on the projects list, while keeping the projects saved in the online system for reference and reuse if needed