Desktop Software to ACD5 Transition Resources

On your next renewal date in 2017, you will no longer be able to renew our desktop software.

AIA Contract Documents’ main goal is to support our customer’s needs, and when those needs change, we find it necessary to discontinue certain products and services, and replace them with improved, innovative, and cost-effective solutions. This is why, as of December 31, 2017, AIA Contract Documents desktop software will be sunsetted and no longer supported. As your renewal date nears, you will be asked to move to the AIA Contract Documents online-based service (ACD5), where you can access your documents anytime, anywhere, from any computer with your paid subscription.

ACD5 should seem familiar, as it was designed to provide a user experience similar to the desktop software. Additionally, ACD5 now includes a new editor, works with any browser, and requires no additional downloads. Plus, since ACD5 isn’t desktop software, it’s Mac compatible.

To give you a head start on using ACD5, we are offering you a free Documents-on-Demand Plus document (up to a $79.99 value) on any document of your choice. To redeem, enter the promotion code DODPLUSSPRING17 at checkout. This code can be used one time and must be redeemed by December 31, 2016.

We offer many dates for live demonstrations that highlight the features of ACD5, which include search functions, a personal clause library, custom templates, easy contract collaboration, and administrative capabilities for multiple-user accounts. Attendance is highly encouraged to ensure a smooth transition.

Click here to register for a live demonstration of the online service that transforms the way construction contracts and forms are created and edited.

While you wait for your live demonstration, access our library of video tutorials that cover everything from the basics of using ACD5 to the process of working offline using our online software.

Desktop Software to Online (ACD5) Transition FAQs

Why do I have to use ACD5?

As customers’ needs change, AIA Contract Documents finds it necessary to discontinue certain products and services in order to ensure we continue to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers. To this end, as of December 31, 2017, AIA Contract Documents desktop software will be sunsetted and no longer supported.

What is the last day I can renew my desktop software?

No matter your software expiration date, the last day anyone can renew their desktop software subscription is December 31, 2016.

I just renewed my software in September of 2016, can I still use it in 2017?

Yes, your desktop software can continue to be used until you reach your expiration date in September of 2017.

If the desktop software sunset date isn’t until December 31, 2017, why can’t I use it until then?

The last day the desktop software may be used is dependent on your current expiration date. Our software licenses are for one full year, so the latest anyone could renew for a full-year is December 31, 2016, but most customers’ expiration date is much earlier.

What is ACD5?

ACD5 is an online document automation service that allows you to manage your project data and generate contract documents. You can effortlessly access your projects and documents anytime and from anywhere using your favorite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge) for PC or Mac.

What system requirements do I need for ACD5?

Basic requirements for AIA Contract Documents include:

  • A high speed internet connection. The minimum     connection speed for the AIA Contract Documents online service is 512kbps;     connection speeds of 1000kbps or higher are recommended.
  • A current web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Edge)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher
  • If choosing to edit offline, a current version of Microsoft® Office: 2007, 2008 (Mac), 2010, 2013 or 2016 is required
  • The AIA Document Mover requires Microsoft® Net Framework version 4

Which internet browser works best with ACD5?

While any browser works with ACD5, you’ll likely have the best experience with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Is ACD5 completely different than the desktop version?

No. ACD5 should seem very familiar because it has been designed to provide a user experience similar to the desktop version. However, the ACD5 does include a new editor, the ability to work with any browser, and doesn’t require additional downloads.

I am nervous about keeping my information online. What are you doing to keep my data safe?

ACD5, our online software, utilizes many of the same technologies used by financial institutions, including world-class data protection, data encryption, and two-factor login security. Triple redundancy ensures the safety of your data. To learn more information about our security, please visit our website’s security page.

Is there another option?

For those who would prefer to store and edit their documents on their own computer locally, they are free to do so. Simply download any document and edit on your own computer using Microsoft Word. However, to finalize your document, you must upload the document to our online service. Once you’ve downloaded the finalized document, the online document can be immediately deleted.

How can I transfer my documents from the desktop service to the online service?

Within ACD5, there is a very helpful AIA Document Mover utility tool, which allows the user to select their current documents and projects they would like to migrate to ACD5. The documents will automatically be converted for use in ACD5. The migration process only moves a copy of the projects and documents. The originals remain in the AIA Contract Documents desktop software version. You also have the option to migrate a copy of your custom templates, contacts and favorite templates to use in ACD5.

How do I get the AIA Document Mover utility tool?

Once logged in, Click Get the AIA Document Mover Utility in the Getting Started area of the Home tab of ACD5 to download the migration utility setup file. When the download is complete, double-click the AIADocumentMover.msi file to begin the installation.

Am I able to share my ACD5 login credentials with others?

We expect you to treat your account information like you do your online banking credentials.  Sharing of login credentials is not recommended and it is prohibited by the ACD Online Service (ACD5) Terms of Service.  There are also potential security and privacy risks associated when sharing login credentials.

Is there any ACD5 training available?

Yes. We offer free ACD5 online training to all customers. Please visit here to register for one of our upcoming webinars. Additionally, a series of ACD5 help videos that focus on key features of ACD5, and have step-by-step instructions on how to use the features are available. These videos can be viewed at any time.

I’m a limited license desktop customer, what are my purchase options with ACD5?

With AIA Contract Documents, there are two purchase options depending on your business needs:

UnlimitedJust like the current desktop software, customers have the option to purchase an unlimited usage annual license, but the online software gives the additional benefit of usage anytime, anywhere, access from any computer.

Documents-on-Demand PlusAlso online based, you may purchase documents one at a time, just when you need them  There is no need to estimate future document usage; simply purchase the document you need, one at a time. The document can only be finalized one time, but you will have access to it for a full year.

What do I need in order to collaborate with others on projects?

All you need are the collaborator’s e-mail addresses. They don’t need to be ACD5 customers to suggest edits.

But how do I add collaborators? Contacts must be pre-existing or be added to a project to begin. Once you have a selected contact:

  • Open the project and click the Edit Project Data button in the Project Details window to enable changes.
  • On the Project Team tab, click the Add Team Member button. The Add to Project Team dialog appears, allowing you to add team members from your contacts.
  • Select the checkboxes for one or more of your contacts and click OK to add them to the Project Team list.
  • Click Create Contact button from the Add to Project Team dialog to create a contact from scratch and save it to your global contacts.

How much storage space is provided?

Below are the default storage spaces provided and depend on what type of license you have.

  • Documents on Demand Plus – 100 MB
  • Single-user Unlimited – 2 GB (roughly equivalent to 4,000 documents)
  • Multi-user

5 users – 10 GB

10 users – 20 GB

20 users – 40 GB

For Single-user Unlimited and Multi-user, you have the option to purchase additional storage space up to 50 GB.

Who should I contact with any questions about ACD5?

Our support team is available Monday – Friday 8:30a.m. — 6:00p.m.. EST, at and 1-800-942-7732.