Owners and developers can’t afford to waste time and money on contract disputes and work stoppages. A non-standardized agreement can derail a building project and cost millions. That’s why the majority of owners choose AIA Contract Documents. Our fair and balanced agreements and forms are the most widely accepted by all sectors of the design and building industry. An AIA agreement, backed by over a century of legal precedent, serves as a bedrock to a building project and gives owners and developers the freedom to focus on their myriad other project needs.


AIA Contract Documents save owners and developers time and money by precluding contract disputes between project team members and cutting down on attorney’s fees. Our familiar agreements and forms are trusted by every sector of the design and construction industry, so contracts tend to be signed faster with minimal disagreements. Using a standardized AIA Contract Document is considerably less expensive than starting from scratch with an attorney, and now with the Custom Single Document service you can purchase single documents and edit them to fit your specifications. Using the Industry Standard saves time, money, and headaches.

Fair and Balanced Agreements

Contract disputes can jeopardize a building project and hurt your bottom line. It’s vital that owners use fair and balanced agreements and forms that are amenable to every member of your project team. When AIA develops and revises our documents, we consult professionals in every sector of the design and building industry to ensure that our legal language is fair and balanced. Our expert team of construction attorneys works with owners, architects, contractors, attorneys, and insurance experts from around the country so that our documents reflect the shared interests of the industry at large and make every effort to ensure no advantage or disadvantage to particular parties exists.

“I always recommend using an AIA Contract. It itemizes the complete scope of work, materials, & installation costs… that’s why the AIA Contract is brilliant, because it really protects you.”

-As seen on the Today Show John DeSilvia, Licensed Contractor, Host of DIY’s 10 Grand in Your Pocket andRescue My Renovation