Streamline Your Projects and Your Negotiations

Architects across the nation depend on AIA Contract Documents because they are a vital business tool, helping you minimize risk and maximize efficiency. You can rely on our documents to outline your role throughout the entire project, establish a clear scope, preserve intellectual property, and protect your business interests. AIA’s agreements give clear, concise descriptions of an architect’s scope of work that preclude disagreements and delays. The trust of professionals like you is what makes AIA Contract Documents The Industry Standard. Take a look at some of the most used architect agreements:

  • B101–2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
  • B104– 2017, Standard Abbreviated Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
  • B105– 2017, Standard Short Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
  • C401-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant
Get Paid Your Way

Our pre-drafted contracts reduce the risk of you not getting paid for work by addressing the project’s terms and conditions and  roles and responsibilities. Our B101, Owner/Architect Agreement allows the parties to indicate whether the architect will be compensated based on a stipulated sum, a percentage of the owner’s budget for the cost of the work, or on some “other” basis.

Project-specific Documents and Exhibits

Choose the appropriate contract for your project type or delivery method – conventional, sustainable, small projects, design-build, program management, and more. For example, the E204, Sustainable Projects Exhibit is not a standalone document, but is intended to be attached as an exhibit to an existing agreement on a project that includes a Sustainable Objective. The E204 sets forth the roles and responsibilities for each of the project participants. The exhibit is to be used on a wide variety of sustainable projects, including those in which the Sustainable Objective includes obtaining a Sustainability Certification, such as LEED®, or those in which the Sustainable Objective is based on incorporation of performance-based sustainable design or construction elements.

Specialty Services

AIA “scope” documents, which are documents that describe, in detail, specialty services an architect can provide on a project. These AIA “scope” documents can be added to any base owner/architect agreement to form a contract.

Some notable “scope” documents include:

"AIA Contract Documents allows us to spend less time on legal issues and more time on design." -Bruce Sekanick, AIA