When drafting a contract, attorneys prefer to start with the Industry Standard because AIA Contract Documents are the most widely accepted agreements and forms in the building industry. Because of the industry’s familiarity and trust, AIA Contract Documents are signed quicker, with fewer disagreements and questions, than any other documents.


Why start a contract from scratch when it’s so easy to customize AIA Contract Documents? Purchase a one-year unlimited license or one-at-a-time with the ability to tailor the legal language to the attorney’s liking. This allows you to harness over a century of case law and precedent while meeting all the diverse needs of a particular project. Because the industry knows and trusts AIA Contract Documents, you can count on minimal contract disputes and faster turnaround times.

Fair and Balanced Agreements

When AIA develops and revises our documents, we consult professionals in every sector of the design and building industry to ensure that our legal language is fair and balanced. Our expert team of construction attorneys works with owners, architects, contractors, attorneys, and insurance experts from around the country so that our documents reflect the shared interests of the industry at large and never advantage or disadvantage particular parties.