Consultants choose AIA Contract Documents because our agreements and forms are the most widely accepted and trusted in the industry. Our consultant documents provide protection of intellectual property, are fair and equitable for all contracting parties, and are widely used in the construction industry. Our C103, Owner Consultant Agreement is favored by consultants and owners alike because it allows consultants to directly contract with owners and clearly establishes terms and conditions, including those related to copyrights and licenses, claims and disputes, termination or suspension, and compensation in a fair and balanced agreement. From convenient change forms like the G701, Change Order to easy-to-use master agreements like the C421, Architect Consultant Master Agreement an AIA Contract Document eases negotiations and helps prevent conflicts, so you can focus on your project.

Time-Tested Risk Protection

AIA Contract Documents have been the Industry Standard since the late 1800s. Backed by over a century of case law and precedent, our documents are tested and proven to minimize risk for every type of project. Relying on a handshake or a non-standardized agreement leaves you extremely vulnerable, doesn’t hold up in court, and can be disastrous for your business. AIA Contract Documents provide the protection you need for your projects and help ensure that you don’t get burned by a bad contract or a dishonest client.

Flexible and Affordable

With our different purchase options, consultants have more flexibility than ever before. We offer the ability to purchase one-at-a-time, fully-editable documents that can be amended to fit your project’s specifications. You can change legal language, add and save custom clauses unique to your business, and share documents for review via email. When the need for a change order suddenly arises, contractors can buy a G701 on the spot, fill it out online, and finalize it for signatures within minutes. AIA Contract Documents give you the freedom to work on your terms.