Contractors and Subcontractors

Reduce Risk with a Solid Contract

AIA Contract Documents aren’t just for architects. Contractors and subcontractors choose AIA Contract Documents because our agreements and forms are time-tested and proven to minimize the risk of potentially ruinous consequential damages that may arise during a project. Crafted to meet the needs of all parties involved, our contracts are designed to reflect current legal rulings and building practices. Choose the appropriate contract for your project size and project type including fixed-price, cost-plus, and design-build. Take a look at some of the most used contractor agreements:

  • A101–2017, Owner/Contractor agreement where the basis of payment is a stipulated sum
  • A102–2017, Owner/Contractor agreement where the basis of payment is the cost of the work plus a fee with a guaranteed maximum price
  • A103–2017 Owner/Contractor agreement where the basis of payment is the cost of the work plus a fee without a guaranteed maximum price
  • A104- 2017, Abbreviated Owner/Contractor agreement
  • A105- 2017, Short Form Owner/Contractor agreement
  • A132- 2019, Owner/Contractor agreement, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition
  • A201- 2017, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction
  • A401-2017, Contractor/Subcontractor Agreement
Get Paid on Time

Our pre-drafted contracts reduce the risk of you not getting paid for work completed by addressing the project’s terms and conditions and roles and responsibilities.

Manage Project Risk

The construction insurance industry is constantly changing and the number of available insurance products continues to grow. The result is an increasingly complex market for construction project participants to navigate. Recognizing the need for more flexibility and adaptability, a new and comprehensive insurance exhibit has been created.

“I always recommend using an AIA Contract. It itemizes the complete scope of work, materials, & installation costs… that’s why the AIA Contract is brilliant, because it really protects you.” -John DeSilvia, Licensed Contractor, Host of DIY's 10 Grand in Your Pocket and Rescue My Renovation